Ibanez RGA Series...
Metal To The Max

The Ibanez RGA archtop guitar not only has hot curves but playability. For live performance, its lightweight body gives players more freedom to prowl around stage. The arched top also lets players knock down heavy riffs and power chords without hitting the guitar body. In addition, a wide variety of necks, pickups and bridges ensures that there is an RGA that will fit any musical taste.

The RGA Series guitars are some very serious Hard Rock and Heavy Metal guitars. The RGA Series offers both tremolo models for those of us who love whammy bar pyrotechnics and fixed bridge models for those of us who don't really care about whammy bar shenanigans but want rock solid tuning stability and great sustain. Either type of bridge setup gives you great tone and sustain but a fixed bridge will top a floating bridge every time. The RGA Series provides 6-string models as well as 7 and 8-string models for those of us who want extended low endrange without having to down tune. For 2011, the RGA Series line-up consists of five models: the RGA8, the RGA72TQME. the RGA72QME, the RGA7, and the RGA42FM. Let's have a look at them.

The Ibanez RGA Series 2011 Line-up...

  • RGA7

    The bound mahogany body is comfortably contoured making the Ibanez RGA7 a great axe for those long sets and sessions. The Gibraltar Standard 7 bridge offers a wide range of intonation adjustments while holding up to intense performances. LZ7 active humbucking pickups have the firepower and articulation necessary for drop-tune fun without the mud. Feel the blazing speed when you run your left hand down the fast and thin Wizard II-7 neck fitted with jumbo frets and inlaid with pearl dots.

    To help you shape your tone just the way you want it, the RGA7 provides you with a master tone control, a 3-way pickup selector switch and an On/Off EQ switch for mid scoop. You can check out a diagram of the switching system here

    The Ibanez RGA7 is absolutely a hard core, rocking machine. Grab one today and let the fun begin!

  • RGA8

    The 8-string Ibanez RGA8 Electric Guitar boasts a carved-top mahogany body for tonal warmth, strong sustain and playing comfort. The 5-piece maple/walnut neck has the surprisingly fast and effortless to play Ibanez Wizard II-8 profile. The 27" scale facilitates the lower tunings used in modern heavy rock music and the 24-fret rosewood fretboard is dressed with dot inlays.

    The RGA8 is armed with Ibanez LZ8 humbucking pickups that are specially-sized for 8-string guitars with a wider magnetic field and produce a tight and warm sound. The RGA8 guitar's active pickups' ceramic magnets deliver a modern high-output fat sound, yet are tweaked to also produce a balanced clean sound. An active EQ circuit with a simple-to-operate on-off switch provides pure tone free of noise. A mid-scoop toggle EQ switch provides additional tonal variety and punch. 3-way pickup switching completes the tonal package.

    The 8-string Ibanez guitar's durable FX Edge III-8 double locking fixed bridge has a low-profile for playing comfort and maximum vibration transfer, while also providing stability, tonal sustain and helping to make string changes happen quickly.

    Anyway you slice it the Ibanez RGA8 is one great guitar. Capable of tones ranging from sparkling clean to utter, growling Heavy Metal mania this guitar will hang with you no matter what style you play.


    The Ibanez RGA72TQME electric guitar features an archtop mahogany body for tonal warmth and robust sustain while the beautiful quilted maple top adds visual appeal. In addition, the guitar comes in two beautiful finishes: Blackberry Sunburst and Transparent Gray Burst. I prefer the Transparent Gray Burst, myself.

    A 3-piece maple set neck has the Ibanez Wizard III profile for fast and effortless shredding. The neck sports a rosewood fingerboard providing a rich tone and an offset dot position inlay at the 12th fret.

    RGA72TQME is equipped with fat and strong active EMG-85 neck and EMG-81 bridge humbuckers that have a high-output fat sound, yet are tweaked to produce a balanced clean sound. To help you craft just the tone you want, the RGA72TQME features master tone and volume controls with 3-way pickup switching.

    The Edge Zero II bridge with the ZPS3Fe spring system not only provides you with great tuning stability but returns you to "zero" - center point - after each use of the tremolo arm. The "zero point" system allows radical tremolo effects with flawless tuning accuracy.

    If you want great, hardcore sound and the ability to perform outrageous whammy bar antics without knocking the guitar out of tune, you need to give the Ibanez RGA72TQME a serious look.

  • RGA72QME

    The Ibanez RGA72QME is virtually identical to the Ibanez RGA72TQME. The only differences are in the finish: the Ibanez RGA72QME comes only in Transparent Gray Burst(okay by me) and the Ibanez RGA72QME features the Wizard III set-in neck rather than a bolt-on neck. In addition, the RGA72QME features the Gibralter Standard fixed bridge.

    If you don't care about whammy bar shenanigans and want the sound of the RGA72TQME with the extra tone and sustain that a fixed bridge and set-in neck provide the RGA72QME is a fantastic choice.

  • RGA42FM

    The Ibanez RGA42FM electric guitar features an archtop mahogany body for tonal warmth and robust sustain. It's topped with a beautiful flamed maple veneer and sports black chrome hardware. In addition, the RGA42FM is available in 3 awesome finishes: Transparent Gray Burst, Bright Blue Burst and Transparent Red Burst. As always, I'm going with the Gray. :-)

    The RGA42FM's 3-piece maple neck has the Ibanez Wizard III profile for fast and effortless shredding. The neck sports a bound rosewood fingerboard for great looks and tone. Dot position marker inlays help you keep track of where you are on the neck.

    The RGA42FM is equipped with fat and strong active Ibanez LZ3 humbucker pickups and uses an Active EQ circuit with simple-to-operate on-off switch to provide pure tone free of noise. These active pickups have a high-output fat sound, yet are tweaked to produce a balanced clean sound. To help you further control your tone, the RGA42FM gives you a master volume control with 3-way pickup switching.

    The Gibraltar Standard fixed bridge offers smooth playing comfort and maximum vibration transfer with increased stability and sustain.

    If you want a massively hard rocking machine you won't go wrong with the Ibanex RGA42FM.

For two decades, the legion of Ibanez RG warriors has grown like a virus, thrusting the RG guitar to the head of the metal pack. The Ibanez RG's fast, flat necks, rabid pickups, and double-locking tremolos deliver demonically charged sounds that go far beyond the world of mere mortals. GRAB YOURSELF AN IBANEZ RGA, JOIN THE LEGION AND LET'S ROCK!

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