ESP Electric Guitar Packages..
A Winner For the Beginner Guitarist

ESP electric guitar packages are a winning choice for the beginning guitarist. Having produced custom models for many of the top artists since the mid 1980s and also having over 40 different artist signature models, ESP has definitely proven itself to be one of the top guitar manufacturers in the business.

With artists such as James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, George Lynch, Ron Wood, Dave Mustaine and Alexi Laiho as well as many others not only endorsing ESP guitars, but also having their own signature lines, you know you're in good company when you play an ESP guitar.

An ESP electric guitar package is a great way for the beginner to get started. You need a guitar, a strap, picks and an amplifier at the very least. In addition, you will need a good tuner and, of course, a cord to plug the guitar into the amp. In addition, you need a case or gig bag to protect your new guitar. Buying all this separately can get very expensive, especially if you're inexperienced and don't really know what you should get. ESP electric guitar packages solve this problem for you. You'll get everything you need at a super affordable price.

The only thing that I suggest that you buy separately is the guitar cable. The cables that typically come with guitar value packs(ESP or otherwise) tend not to be of the best quality. I use Monster cables myself. They aren't ridiculously expensive and are top quality.

Currently, ESP offers two electric guitar starter packs. Either one makes a great choice for the beginning guitarist.

ESP Electric Guitar Packages...

  • ESP LTD VIPER-10 Guitar Pack
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    The ESP LTD VIPER-10 Guitar Pack was designed for beginning guitarists or guitarists on a tight budget. The pack includes the LTD Viper-10 guitar, the ESP-10, a 10-watt amp perfect for practice and lessons, as well as a 10' 1/4" cable, an electronic tuner, a softshell gig bag, a guitar strap, and picks.

    • LTD Viper-10 Electric Guitar

      This is a cool looking guitar. Basically, it looks like a Gibson SG gone over to the Dark Side. In addition, it's a great playing and great sounding guitar.

      The LTD Viper-10 features an agathis body for great tone and a fast, bolt-on maple neck with 24-extra jumbo fret, rosewood fretboard. Tuning is handled by ESP tuners.

      The LTD Viper-10 gets great Metal sound from ESP LH-100 humbucking pickups at the neck and bridge. Extra tone and sustain is provided by a TOM bridge and tailpiece.

    • ESP-10 Guitar Amp

      The ESP-10 is a decent little practice amp for the beginning Metal guitarist. With 10 watts of power, it pushes out quite a bit of sound for its size and has pretty good Metal tone.

    • If you're a beginning Metal guitarist this ESP electric guitar package is a great choice for you. Grab one today and GET ROCKING!

  • ESP LTD F-10 Guitar Pack
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    The ESP LTD F-10 Guitar Pack is another great ESP electric guitar package for the beginner or a guitarist on a tight budget. It contains the same accessories and amplifier that the Viper package does but includes the LTD F-10 guitar instead of the Viper.

    • ESP LTD F-10 Electric Guitar

      I flat LOVE the looks of this guitar. This is one of the edgiest, mean looking guitars you will find and flat-out screams METAL!

      The specifications of the F-10 are the same as for the Viper with the exception of the pickups. You get even more snarling Metal sound from an ESP LH-100 at the bridge and an ESP LS-100 Rail pickup at the neck.

    • ESP-10 Guitar Amp

      This is the same amp that the Viper pack uses.

    • Again, this ESP electric guitar package is a great starter pack for a beginning Metal guitarist. Grab one and HORNS UP!

To sum up, if you're using ESP equipment you are playing in great company. If you're a beginning guitarist it would be hard to find a more affordable rig or better quality rig than an ESP electric guitar package.

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