Dean Electric Bass Guitar Packages..
Affordable Electric Bass Guitars and Accessories

Dean electric bass guitar packages are a great way for the beginner to get started. You need a bass guitar, a strap, picks and an amplifier at the very least. In addition, you will need a good tuner and, of course, a cord to plug the guitar into the amp. In addition, you need a case or gig bag to protect your new bass guitar.

Buying all this separately can get very expensive, especially if you're inexperienced and don't really know what you should get. Dean electric guitar bass packages solve this problem for you. You'll get everything you need at a super affordable price.

The only thing that I suggest that you buy separately is the guitar cable. The cables that typically come with guitar value packs(Dean or otherwise) tend not to be of the best quality. I use Monster cables myself. They aren't ridiculously expensive and are top quality.

At this time, Dean only offers one bass guitar package. It's a sweet deal, though.

Dean Electric Bass Guitar Packages...

  • Dean Edge 09 Bass and Amp Pack
    Click Image To See The Components of the Pack

    The Dean Edge 09 Bass and Amp Pack includes the Dean Edge 09 Bass Guitar, Dean Bassola 10 Bass Amp, gig bag, tuner, cord, strap, and picks.

    • Dean Edge 09 Electric Bass Guitar

      The Dean Edge 09 is a solid choice for beginners and veterans alike.

      The Dean Edge 09 bass is a sharp-looking and playable instrument with a basswood body, maple neck, 22-fret rosewood fretboard with abalone dot inlays, single soapbar pickup, chrome hardware and die-cast tuners.

    • Bassola 10 Bass Amp

      The Bassola 10 Bass Amp is a compact 10W amp with one 8" speaker and a stereo headphone jack for private practice. Features Treble, Mid, Bass and Presence controls. Believe me, you'll need the 'phone jack unless you want to blow the windows out of your neighbors' houses.

    • All in all, this great Dean electric bass guitar package will have you rocking without breaking the bank. Grab this electric bass guitar pack today and CALL DOWN THE THUNDER!

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