Ibanez RG Fixed Series...
In Your Face Metal Sound, Fixed Bridge Simplicity and Sustain

Ibanez RG Fixed Series RG321E Ibanez RG Premium RG870

The Ibanez RG Fixed Series guitars are for the Metal player who wants the in-your-face Ibanez RG Metal sound without the hassle of a double-locking tremolo bridge. A wide variety of pickups and pickup switching options provide all the Metal tone you could ask for while the Gibralter Standard bridge gives you superb tuning stability along with great sustain. In addition, all the RG Fixed Series models sport a version of Ibanez's Wizard necks that are prized by Metal players for their extreme speed and playability.

The Ibanez RG Fixed Series guitars are all great instruments that provide gorgeous looks, fantastic sound and superb playability at a very affordable price. The RG Fixed Series 2011 line-up consists of 5 great guitars: the Ibanez RG7321FM, the Ibanez RG7321, the Ibanez RG471AH, the Ibanez RG321MH, and the Ibanez RG321E.

Before we look at the individual specifications of each guitar let's take a look at the necks, pickups, bridge and pickup switching(the descriptions of each will open in a separate tab or window so that you don't lose your place here - as a matter of fact, you might want to keep it up while you look at the descriptions of the guitars so you can keep a clear picture in your mind of what the features of each guitar contribute to the guitar's sound and playability). First, all the RG Fixed Series models use the Gibralter Standard fixed bridge or, in the case of the 7-string models, the Gibralter Standard-7.

The Necks:

The Ibanez RG Fixed Series uses three versions of the Wizard neck:

The Pickups:

The RG Fixed Series uses a variety of pickups for unique tones:

The AH(Axis Humbucker) and INF(Infinity) pickups are Ibanez's own design and are well voiced for the guitars, while the EMGs are, of course, EMG designed and built.

Pickup Switching...

The Ibanez RG Fixed Series uses three pickup switching schemes - 2 humbucker/humbucker(HH) schemes and a humbucker/single-coil/humbucker(HSH) scheme:


The Guitars...

  • Ibanez RG7321FM

    If you want a fantastic 7-string, Heavy Metal marauder at a great price, the Ibanez RG Fixed Series RG7321FM is is a guitar you should definitely consider. It has awesome looks, that 7-string low down thunder and is versatile enough that you can play any kind of music with it even though it is meant basically for Heavy Metal.

    The RG7321FM starts with a basswood body for rich, thick tone. The Flame Maple top(that's what FM stands for) makes for a gorgeous guitar. The RG7321FM continues with the ultra fast 5-piece Maple/Walnut Wizard II-7 neck for extreme playability. The neck sports a bound rosewood fingerboard adorned with pearl dot position inlays for more great tone.

    Ferocious Metal sound is provided by an AH17 humbucking pickup at the neck and an AH27 humbucking pickup at the bridge. Helping you to control the Metal mayhem are master volume and tone controls and a 5-way pickup selector switch. Believe me, you can get a wide variety of tones out of this beast.

    For great tuning stability and sustain for days, the RG7321FM sports the Gibralter Standard fixed bridge.

    All in all, the Ibanez RG7321FM is one gorgeous, thundering machine.

  • Ibanez RG7321

    Everything I said about the 7321FM can also be said about the Ibanez RG Fixed Series RG7321. In fact, it's essentially the same guitar. The only difference in the two is that RG7321 sports a solid black finish instead of the Flame Maple top. If you want a Metal guitar that looks as sinister and menacing as it sounds, the RG7321 has your name written on it.

  • Ibanez RG471AH

    The Ibanez RG Fixed Series RG471AH is one honey of a Metal guitar.

    The RG471AH sports a natural finish Ash body which provides a nice, tight tone and incognito looks. The body is mated to a 3-piece shredder's delight Wizard III neck which sports a bound rosewood fingerboard with cool sharkfin position inlays.

    You can get loads of Metal sound and pretty much any tone you want from an INF2 humbucker at the bridge, an INFS1 single-coil in the middle and a an INF2 humbucker at the neck. Master tone and volume controls combined with a 5-way pickup selector switch(see the components page for a description of the HSH switching scheme) allow you to craft your sound pretty much any way you want.

    Adding to the tone, providing great tuning stability, fabulous sustain and excellent playing comfort is Ibanez's Gibralter Standard bridge.

    If you want a sweet looking, fantastic playing guitar that will put out scorching Metal tone that will shatter eardrums and melt faces a mile away, the RG471AH is waiting for you.

  • Ibanez RG321MH

    The Ibanez RG Fixed Series RG321MH is one serious a$$kicking Metal machine at an unbelievably great price.

    The Metal onslaught begins with a mahogany body which provides crushingly powerful tone. The body is mated to Ibanez's wonderful 3-piece Maple Wizard II shredder's neck which features a bound rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot position inlays. In addition, the body is available in three finishes: Blackberry Sunburst, Black(my personal favorite) and Mahogany Oil. They all look great but I think the Black is perfect for this baby's Metal focus.

    Ibanez's INF4 humbucker at the bridge and INF3 humbucker at the neck combined with master volume and tone controls as well as 5-way pickup switching allows you to tones ranging from all-out crushing, screaming Metal to very bright tones. You can play any type of music you want with it, but what it really wants to do is uncompromising Metal.

    As with all the Ibanez RG Fixed Series models, the RG321MH features the Gibralter Standard fixed bridge for great sustain and rock solid tuning stability.

    No matter what you want to play the Ibanez RG321MH won't let you down.

  • Ibanez RG321E

    The RG321E is my personal favorite of all the Ibanez RG Fixed Series models. It has the evil looks, pickup configuration and bone crushing Metal sound that I absolutely love.

    It all starts with a mahogany body - the best tonewood you can use for thick, heavy tone. The RG321E sports a 3-piece Maple Wizard III neck for supreme shredability(is that a word? It is now - I said so.). Adding to the tone is a bound rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot position inlays.

    Now we come to the Belly of the Beast. The RG321E sports EMG passive pickups(RG321E - get it?) for for absolute, crushing Metal sound: an EMGH4 at the bridge and an EMGH4A at the neck. To shape the tone, the RG321E sports master tone and volume controls and 3-way pickup switching(again see the components page for the switching diagram). This is one evil sounding machine. Check out the video below and you'll see exactly what I mean. What some people might consider icing on the cake are two finishes: white(icing on the cake - get it?) and Black(Gimme Black, Baby. Anything that puts out this kind of vibe should only come in Black.)

    To round out the package, the Ibanez RG321E sports the Gibralter Standard bridge as do all its Ibanez RG Fixed Series brethren.

    Ibanez RG321E Demo

    Credit: Grottodevil, YouTube member

To conclude, the Ibanez RG Fixed Series is a collection of great instruments for those of us who aren't really into whammy bar shenanigans. The RG Fixed Series contains instruments to fit every taste from looks to sounds. If you're a MetalHead who doesn't care about whammy bars, there is an Ibanez RG Fixed Series model for you.

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