Epiphone Electric Guitars..
The SG Collection

The Epiphone electric guitars SG Collection provides many very nice, high quality versions of the iconic Gibson SG for a fraction of the price of their Gibson cousins. You get all of the great SG looks, sound and features combined with Epiphone's high level of craftmanship and quality construction.

Any of the guitars in the Epiphone SG collection make a great choice for guitarists of any skill level. Their affordability fits any budget and their quality far exceeds the quality of other guitars in their price range. In fact, the quality of any of the models in the Epiphone SG Collection of electric guitars is equal to the quality of guitars costing much more. Check these beauties out.

The SG Collection...

Personally, the SG has always been one of my favorite Rock guitars(and, yes, I have an SG in my collection). If you're looking for a super Rock and Metal guitar at a price point that won't break the bank, you won't find a better deal than an Epiphone SG.

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