Epiphone Electric Guitars...
The Goth Collection

Epiphone electric guitars Goth Collection - take a walk on the Dark Side. Epiphone's Goth Collection provides a sinister, Heavy Metal look and feel to four traditional and very popular Gibson and Epiphone models. When you step out on stage with one of these there will be no doubt that you're not there to play easy listening, country music, sissy rock or anything but hardcore Heavy Metal.

The guitars of the Epiphone Goth Collection are perfect not only for the aspiring Heavy Metal guitarist but also for intermediate and accomplished players. Over the years Epiphone guitars have been a popular choice of many top guitarists for their high quality, great looks and sound, great playability and affordability. If you're ready to ROCK any one of the guitars in the Goth Collection will take you where you want to go.

The Epiphone Goth Collection...

You'd be hard pressed to find a better Metal guitar at such an affordable price as any one of the guitars in the Epiphone Goth Collection.

Don't waste any time. Grab one of these fabulous Epiphone guitars and get out there and ROAR!

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